Power Generation


ACT Group provides a number of options in delivering Electricity and waste heat for our clients.

ORC (Organic Rankin Cycle), Micro Steam and Saturated Steam Engines are our technologies of choice.

We can deliver 25kwe to 5Mwe using selected, proven and cost effective equipment.

Electricity in a lot of project applications is a way to maximize thermal energy and generation of heating or cooling,Tri-generation is still the most cost effective way to deliver project return on investment.

ORC offers an ideal solution for clients, who through their manufacturing process will generate waste heat and have no application for it’s utilisation.

ACT Group will provide to the client a choice of solutions, these solutions will be based on the most currently up to-date proven equipment. Each with an agreed ROI which sits comfortably with the clients investment strategy.

ACT Group are the difference, we work for you and we are not manufacturers, we are systems integrators, we select solutions based on your needs and not on manufacturers limited core production models.

ACT Group through our associates and technology providers have 100’s of installation references providing a level of comfort, and confirming you decision is the right one, that you are not alone or being the first when selecting your project solution.

ACT Group do not deliver unproven ‘just invented’ or’ up scalable’ technologies, all our providers have equipment in the field and international reputations to protect.

That is your safety net and your de-risking of project choice for you and your company.

ACT Group are one of a few Global companies who deliver complete solutions for the client and accept the responsibility for the solutions and not just provide consultancy, ‘hands off’ suggestions. This often leaves the clients with a low level of confidence when selecting equipment outside their normal field of experience.

Why try to learn everything about the technology, when it is be backed by ACT Group's trained staff who are the back up service and equipment experts. 

Rather your focus should be on, who do we feel comfortable with, and who makes a living from delivering projects to satisfied clients.

ACT Group is that choice and we are here to serve.